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About Us

Changing the future of DNA. 

At CustomArray, we work to develop technologies that will positively impact fields such as therapeutics, precision medicine and data storage by using our expertise in DNA synthesis. 


Who We Are: 

CustomArray, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of GenScript Corp) is a synthetic biology company with a proprietary first-in-class CMOS powered DNA synthesis platform that enables:

  • Cost-effective DNA data storage.

  • High precision genomic disease profiling.

  • Robust therapeutics optimization.

Why Partner with CustomArray?

  • First-in-market 8 million oligos miniature semiconductor chip for high-throughput, cost-effective and precise DNA synthesis.

  • Turnkey solutions established for cold data storage and genome disease profiling that will be launched soon.

  • Experts in DNA library generation for therapeutics optimization.

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