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High Through-Put MSC Genome Disease Profiling Solutions

Genome Disease Profiling today has not been efficient. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is very expensive and microarray is not conclusive. CustomArray has developed a platform for high throughput genome analysis for the early detection of diseases, including cancers and genetic diseases. The platform has comparable sensitivity and specificity to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), at a 5/100 of the cost.

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CustomArray's High-Throughput MSC Genome Disease Profiling Solution is a turnkey benchtop diagnostic platform that can screen up to 8 million gene variants at once and in situ electrochemical detection in seconds. 

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ElectraSense® MSC Reader is in development to read up to 8 million variants. The reader has high accuracy with low detection limit, and high-speed scanning. 

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Better than Microarray and more cost effective than NGS.

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