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Investor Information

CustomArray Inc., through the advancement of proprietary Miniature Semiconductor Chip (MSC) technology, is focused on the following applications:

Miniature Semiconductor Chip Technology: highest density chip for oligo synthesis today at 8 million oligos per chip, with the potential to reach 200 billion oligos per chip. 

Genomic Diagnostics: ​CustomArray has developed a platform for high throughput genome analysis for the early detection of diseases, including cancers and genetic diseases. The platform has comparable sensitivity and specificity to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), at 5/100 of the cost.

DNA Data Storage: CustomArray has developed a turnkey solution for DNA cold data storage using CustomArray's proprietary MSC technology and easy to use coding software.

Precision Mutant Library: CustomArray’s Precision Mutant Library technology offers precise control over each synthesized variant. The result is a more diverse and fully covered mutant library with unbiased distribution, ultimately saving valuable screening time, speeding up discovery workflow and reducing overall downstream expenses.

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