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CustomArray Technology

CustomArray uses a specially modified CMOS semiconductor to direct the molecular assembly of a specific sequence of DNA bases in response to a digital command. Each feature on the array (a microelectrode) is digitally addressed and, by means of an electrochemical reaction, controls the detritylation reaction during phosphoramidite synthesis. A software program is used to control the microelectrodes, and thus the detritylation pattern applied on the chip during synthesis. Consequently, bases introduced to the array chip can be “addressed” to specific microelectrodes at each cycle and the oligo at each feature selectively extended.


Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 4.19.48 PM.png

The CustomArray 12K is a premier microarray format in the market for changing content and multi-iteration updates. Customers tell us that we have the most cost-effective microarray in the business for customized content.

CustomArray’s superior flexibility and performance is designed to overcome limitations and lack of flexibility in other microarray platforms. In addition to its superior performance, the 12K offers:

  • Any oligo content up to 50 bases in length.

  • Rapid results because new chips can be built very quickly.

  • Compatibility with common sample preparation techniques and hybridization buffers.

  • No minimum order requirements, up front fees, or special equipment / system purchases.

  • Bioinformatic tools that are available to all customers. 

In addition, the 12K is manufactured under industry leading quality standards.

The 12K system is economical, simple, requires less labor, and design-to-results is rapid. Users can update and change probe designs at any time and arrays can be updated as new sequences are available. CustomArray users can research any gene, any genome, or any sequence.

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